Become an Office Nomad

 Anyone can be an Office Nomad. It’s totally free, fun, inspiring and a great way to organise your work. 

You can have your own business or be employed by a big corporation. Office Nomadism is for anyone interested in learning and exploring new ways of working. We are developing a service to make it easier for Office Nomads and hosts to find each other. 

The benefits of being an Office Nomad

  • New working community every month to keep you productive and inspired
  • A workplace to go to in the mornings to stop you from working in your PJs all day every day (yes, it's nice once in a while but it can hinder your productivity)
  • Meeting nice people and expanding your network
  • Office environment and perks at no extra cost
  • Endless opportunities for learning about yourself, your host organisation and what makes a great work environment for you

If you want to become an Office Nomad now, contact us, and we’ll get you started! To stay updated of the development of the Office Nomad service and to get insights on the future of work, join our waiting list now! (Yes, we have a "no strings attached" policy!)