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Do you have an extra desk in your office and would like to get some fresh ideas from a new office member? Why not become an Office Nomad host company! If you want to start hosting an Office Nomad now, contact us, and we’ll get you started and do our best to connect you with a suitable Office Nomad in your region.


The benefits of hosting an Office Nomad

  • New energy to the organisation in the form of inspirational positivity and slightly changed dynamics in the office

  • Visibility to the host organisation at the Office Nomad website and social media

  • Each Office Nomad has their own unique “value proposal”. Some bring their coffee machines & give a course in preparing espresso, some may give you free yoga lessons

  • Others help open doors via their networks

  • Some are willing to engage in idea creation sessions during the month

  • Many are visible in social media and will somehow share their experiences in their own channels

What an Office Nomad needs:

  • A place to work (a desk, a room, a cubicle)

  • Free internet connectivity

  • Access to printing

  • Access to the facilities (ie. keys, access card etc.)

  • Occasional access to meeting facilities

  • An opportunity to be a part of an existing work community with lunch, coffee breaks and whatever is in the culture of the host company

Please note! Office Nomad does not work directly for the host company but the month together is a great opportunity to toss around ideas and benefit from each other, so make the most out of it!

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