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Office Nomad Janne Saarikko,, tel. +358 40 864 3017

Office Nomad Aku Varamäki,, tel. +358 400 342 234

Office Nomad concept and future of work topic has been covered in the news quite widely. Here are some of the coverage we’ve had in different languages:


Nordic Labour Journal by Carl-Gustav Lindén (article)

Idea Nomads meet the Office Nomad by Klara Sibeck & Gerhard Seizer (article)


Ylioppilaslehti by Ninni Lehtniemi (article)

Talouselämä/Fakta by Heidi Hammarsten (article)

Työelämä Pohjoismaissa by Carl-Gustav Lindén (article)

Tulevaisuuden työ (short) by Microsoft Finland (video)

Tulevaisuuden työ (long) by Microsoft Finland (video)

YLE TV2/Hullu Juttu by Tarinatalo (video, 19:25 onwards)

Sulapinta by Tuija Aalto & Marylka Yoe Uusisaari (podcast)

Daily Diego by Riku Vassinen (blog)

Älykäs Työympäristö/IBM by Janne Saarikko (blog)


Arbeidsliv i Norden by Carl-Gustav Lindén (article)

Svenska Dagsbladet by Björn Lindahl (article)


Fædrelandsvennen by Amund Hestsveen (article)

Aftenposten by Amund Hestsveen (article)

Siris by Siri Gjelsvik (blog)

Eva Kvelland (blog) (article)

Aust-Adger Fylkeskommune by Mette Fossan-Bergem (article)

Adgerposten by Vidar Fløde (article)

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