Pause Speaker Alumni

Pause by Office Nomad is a challenging yet rewarding event for a speaker. Is there enough expertise can content to last for 90minutes? What if there are tricky questions and enough time to answer them thoroughly?

We have great respect for our speaker alumni. They all have passionate approach to their topic and are devoted to it. Please take a look at these special individuals:

VOL 1 - Psychologist Ilona Rauhala

VOL 2 - Neurologist Kiti Müller

VOL 3 - Director of Youth Affairs Tommi Laitio, City of Helsinki

VOL 4 - Mr. Esko Kilpi

We have an audio podcast from the event here. (In Finnish, courtesy of InfoCrea Oy)

Pictures and the cozy atmosphere

VOL 5 - Miikka Leinonen, Author of Melt

VOL 6 - Reidar Wasenius, Personal Brainer, BRIIM

Listen to Audio podcast 

VOL 7 - Alexander Manu, strategic innovation practitioner, international lecturer and author, Canada

Listen to Audio podcast  

VOL 8 - 

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