What if you worked together with your family and best friends?

I love to play around with new ideas, especially when they are solving different kinds of problems. That is the way how the whole Office Nomad concept emerged back in 2009. 

I recently played around with the idea of reversing the default expectation of work place. The key idea is that the current default, "we normally go to an office to work", would be changed into "we normally work from home or a place close to my home" or equivalent. I have discussed that idea with many, and even though it may seem like an utopia, there is something really interesting in it. One of the advantages of this thought would be the possibility to work where ever and with whomev

Just imagine - what if you could work together with your best friends and family every day? What if you could share a work place with your better half, you best friend, maybe even with your own parents and kids?

Not in a way that you would do the same work or same project, but that you would on your own profession and task, only the place of work would be the same. You could have lunch with your family or your best buddies, meet the parents. Or have coffee with your siblings during the day.

Sounds crazy, no? I think it's not that crazy, really. I the workplace for the whole punch was close to your home, and you would do the daily socialising together during the breaks, there would be some really interesting consequences.

The commute for your entire family would give hours of free time daily and hundreds of hours monthly. There was much less "mandatory" and difficult to arrange get-togethers since the socialising takes place during the working days, just in small portions. 5-10 minute coffee break every day with your extended family makes you know what's going on much better than two-hour coffee once a month.

I would love to have a working arrangement, where I shared a work location with my family, my parents and in-laws and couple of my good friends and their families. Spending much more time with the important people I love to hang around with anyways.

Would you? 

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